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A Time-Domain Electromagnetic Transmitter with Great Power and Large Current by Using a Closed-Loop Phase Shifting Control Strategy
HUANG Jiangbo, FU Wei, FU Zhihong, HE Renqi
1. School of Robot Engineering, Yangtze Normal University, Chongqing 408100, China; 2. State Grid Chongqing Shiqu Power Supply Company, Chongqing 400015, China; 3. School of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400044, China
A time-domain electromagnetic transmitter (TDET) with great power and large current was designed by using a closed-loop phase shifting control strategy. A clamping voltage source circuit was applied in this system to improve the falling edge of emission current and shorten the turn-off time. The simulated results showed that this TDET exhibited the advantages  including a large current, strong capability for rapid turn-off, stably output voltage, preferably dynamic performance, a widely adjustable range in transmitting voltage, accurate measurement   precision.
Key words:time-domain electromagnetic transmitter (TDET); control strategy; model design; dynamic performance; clamping voltage
CLC number: TP 305
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