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Preparation of In2S3 and Cu-Doped In2S3 2D Ultrathin Nanoflakes with Tunable Absorption and Intense Pho-tocurrent Response
WANG Pengfei, CHEN Kai, PAN Guiming, XIE Ying, ZHOU Li
School of Physics and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan 430072, Hubei, China
We reported an effective method to synthesize In2S3 and Cu-doped In2S3 two-dimensional ultrathin nanoflakes by the hydrothermal method through tuning the Cu/In molar ratio. The transmission electron microscope images showed that the products had ultrathin flake-like shape with wrinkling and rolling. The X-ray diffraction patterns indicated the crystal phase of nanoflakes was varied from β-In2S3 to tetragonal-CuInS2 as the Cu/In molar ratio was increased. The In2S3 nanoflakes exhibited absorption band at 450 nm, while new absorption peaks in turn appeared at 550 nm and 670 nm as the Cu/In molar ratio was increased. In addition, the two-dimensional ultrathin nanoflakes exhibited intense photocurrent response.
Key words:ultrathin nanoflakes; Cu doping; crystal phase; absorption; photocurrent
CLC number:TP 305
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