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Structure Optimization of Air Filter Based on Parametric Sensitivity
XIANG Feifei1, XIANG Zhongke2, CHENG Wenming1
1. School of Automotive Engineering, Jiangxi University of Technology, Nanchang 330098, Jiangxi, China; 2. The Center of Collaboration and Innovation, Jiangxi University of Technology, Nanchang 330098, Jiangxi, China
As the supporting supplier of the main engine plant, the general air filter manufacturers have insufficient technical reserves. The structural optimization of air filter is often based on the bench experiment, which has high implementation cost and poor performance. In view of this, taking computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as the basic technical means, an optimization design method based on parametric sensitivity combined with equidistant search was proposed. Specifically, the sensitivity of local structure parameters to pressure loss was analyzed by taking local structure of air filter as the object. According to the sensitivity, the method of equidistant search was used to optimize the parameters in order, so as to achieve the goal of overall optimization. After optimization, the pressure loss decreased by 45.13% and the effect was remarkable.
Key words:air filter; parametric sensitivity; computational fluid dynamics (CFD); equidistant search method; structure optimization design
CLC number:TK 421+.5
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