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Modified Functional Projective Synchronization of the Unidirectional and Bidirectional Hybrid Connective Star Network with Coupling Time-Delay
LI Dekui
Department of Science Teaching, Gansu University of Chinese Medicine, Dingxi 743000, Gansu, China
An unidirectional and bidirectional hybrid connective star network model with coupling time-delay is constructed in this paper. According to synchronization error systems, adaptive controllers for each node are structured by using the linear system stability method and the Lyapunov stability method. These adaptive controllers can realize the modified functional projective synchronization between each node of star network and an isolated node by argument and analysis. Finally, the corrective and effective of the adaptive controllers are illustrated by some numerical examples.
Key words:star network; unidirectional and bidirectional hybrid connection; time-delay; modified functional projective synchronization
CLC number:O 231
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