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Density Weighted Averaging Operator and Application
ZHANG Danning1, YI Pingtao2, LI Weiwei2
1. School of Economics, Liaoning University, Shenyang 110136, Liaoning, China; 2. School of Business Administration, Northeastern University, Shenyang 110167, Liaoning, China
 Exploring structural characteristics implied in initialdecision making information is an important issue in the process of aggregation. In this paper we provide a new family of aggregation operator called density weighted averaging operator (abbreviated as DWA operator), which carries out the aggregation by classification. In this case, not only the hidden structural char-acteristics can be identified, some commonly known aggregation operators can also be incorporated into the function of the DWA operator. We further discuss the basic properties of this new operator, such as commutativity, idempotency, boundedness and monotonicity withcertain condition. Afterwards, two important issues related to the DWA operator are investigated, including the arguments partition and the determination of density weights. At last a numerical example regarding performance evaluation of employees is developed to illustrate the using of this new operator.
Key words:decision making; information aggregation; density weighted averaging operator; density weighting vector
CLC number:C 934
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