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Welcome To WUJNS
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Online Submission
1. Register and Login 
This function is under construction.
2. Submit New Manuscript 
    After logging in as an author, you can submit your new manuscript by click Submit New Manuscript button and then follow the instructions step by step. The format of our journal can refer to http://www.whu.edu.cn/jns/format.htm


     Please select yourself as the corresponding author when you are submitting your new manuscript

     When uploading your manuscript, please use the MS-Word format, but PDF are also acceptable.

     When you have attached all your files, Click Build PDF for my Approval and wait several minutes for the following page to appear.Clicking Approve Submission to end the submission.

     Authors are required to click View Submission first. Before the manuscript send this PDF file to review, please make sure that the text is easy to read and that the figures and tables are well displayed. If you are not satisfied, you can click Edit Submission to modify your information and files. Another PDF will then be compiled.

3. First Technical Check 
    After Submission, authors may need to wait for a few days for the editors to check the completeness of the submission.We will use CrossCheck to check the manuscript to protect the original authors’ copyrights. If a manuscript needs revision, the corresponding author will be notified by email, please login the system and click Submissions Sent Back to Author to modify your submission. Do not submit it again as a new submission.
4. Peer Review 
    Each manuscript will be sent to reviewers immediately after the first check by editor. The peer review process takes from about 1 to 2 months. You can log in to the system to check the status of your submission. To ensure a reliable review, the Editorial manager (http://www.editorialmanager.com) system sends regular automatic reminders to reviewers.
5. Revision and Decision 
    After peer review, a decision letter will be sent to the corresponding author by email. To revise a manuscript in response to the reviewers, please log into the system and click Submissions Needing Revision to continue (Do not submit it again as a new submission). When attaching files, please upload a response to reviewer before the revision (only WORD is acceptable). Authors may also log in to the system to check Submissions with a decision.
6. English Language Polishing 
    The revision will be sent for English language polishing, which may take a few days. To revise a manuscript, please log into the system and click Submissions Needing Revision to continue.
7. Editing and Publishing 
    The executive editor will contact you directly. Paper publishing usually complete in 3-6 months.
8. Copyright Protection 
    The articles published in the “Wuhan University Journals of Nature Sciences” are protected by copyright, and cannot be legally published elsewhere in any form without written permission. All author(s) should sign the Copyright Transfer Statement after the paper is accepted.Copyright transfer statement is as follows. 
Welcome To WUJNS

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