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    Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts on recent researches that have not been published, nor are intended to be published elsewhere. WUJNS owns the copy right of the articles once published in it. The following articles are especially welcome:olymer chemistry, genetics, developmental biology, virology, environmental science, mathematics, computer science, condensed matter physics, electric wave propagation, space physics, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, and interdisciplinary research. The manuscript should be prepared according to the following:  
1. Title and by-line 
All content word in title should be capitalized the first letter as follows: 
Name: Last name first
For Chinese author(s): full name, all words should be capitalized the first letter, For example: Wang Xiaoling.
For foreign author(s): Last name should be the full name, fist name should be abbreviated. all words should be capitalized the first letter, For example: Miller L K.
Affiliation of author(s): institution of author(s), city zip code, province, country should be given, All content word in title should be capitalized the first letter as follows:
2. Abstract 
About 200-250 words, outline the article, such as method, main results, and conclusion without mathematical, equations, or cited marks.
3. Key words 
3-6 key words or phases for cross-indexing this article, words with ";" separated, For example: 
4. CLC number 
For Chincse author, CLC number should be given according to Chinese Library Classification.
5. Bottom of first page
received date,foundation item and biography should be given.
Received date, for example 2011-03-03
Foundation item, foundation that made direct help in the article should be list. for example: Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.196777013). Fund of provincial level or above, fund number should be given.
Biography: Wang Xiaoling (1970-), male, Associate professor, Ph. D., research direction: software formal theory. E-mail: xlw@sohu.com.cn  
6. Text
Text contains introduction,method, results and discussion, and conclusion.
The titles of text:
In Subtopic like "0 Introduction "and Tri-level topic like "1.1", all content word in title should be capitalized the first letter, such as :  
Four-level topic like "1.1.1",the first word should be capitalized the first letter, for example: 
7. Figtures and Tables
Figures and tables must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals, and each figure and table must be placed in the text following the paragraph in which it is first mentioned. Figures and tables must have their brief captions for each one. Values should be presented in coordinate, the items and their units should be given in figtures, for example, Epoch /s .(There will be an extra charge for those graphics considered for publication in color. )
The tables should be given with three-line tables, the items and units should be presented exactly.
8. References and Citation
Personal communications and unpublished data are not acceptable references. Citation in text should be listed with "[]" at the top right corner of sentences in order, such as :[1], [2], [3]...
Text citation examples:
References should be listed in English, Chinese references must be translated in English add words "Ch" at the end of the sentence.
Periodicals should be referred to in the Author-Data order: name of author(s)(last name first), title of paper, name of periodical (in italics), year,Vol.(No.): pages.
Journals example:
Proceedings example:
Reports example:
Books example:
Theses example:
Standards example:
Patents example:
[4] Wang X M.A Method to Synthese Alumina[P]. China: 201310182713.X, 2013.
Welcome To WUJNS

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